Monday, June 27, 2011

Yard Sales

This past Saturday was perfect weather to have a yard sale. Many people agreed because there were yard sales all over the place. A girlfriend of mine, who also has twins, met up with me and we went yard saling together. She was great in helping me decide which pieces I could or couldn't live without. I got a $10 dresser for the boys room and a $15 desk for my art room. A super successful day!!!

Since Ethan has been climbing out of his crib, we have ordered toddler beds. When they arrive, we are going to give them a big boy room. The monkeys are on their way out and I think we are going with a touch of aviation in their big boy room. We've looked at some colors and I'm compiling ideas so we'll see where it takes us :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

Our half bath on the main living floor is a very awkwardly shaped space. It's a mustard color, although you can't really tell from the pictures. There was never much thought put into that room. It had a rod iron cross hanging on the wall over the toilet and a candle thing on the wall next to the sink. BORING. There were so many beautiful colors in Hawaii it was hard not to be inspired there. I knew I wanted to decorate with that in mind but didn't want a tacky bathroom. There is a fine line sometimes. I wanted to go vintage so I edited some of the pictures we took in Picnik to make the colors more vibrant then put a 1960's haze over them to make them feel more vintage. I eventually plan to get a vintage poster but for now, I'm happy with how it looks!

The cross previously hung over the toilet

Blank boring walls

The candle thing, I guess you'd call it a sconce? (not sure why the color looks booger green)

More blank space (can you see how oddly shaped it is?)

An almost black and white picture of a lighthouse and palm trees

All 3 walls as best I could get

Love the turquoise towel!!

The pictures look straight on the wall, but not here. Odd!!

Over the toilet and the wall next to it

On top of the toilet. That's a real Hawaiian Hula Girl (at least purchased in HI, probably not made in HI)

A recycled picture from our old house. It's finally found a home!

So there you have it. Our half bath. It looks so much better in person. The colors are so vibrant that it makes you feel so happy!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finished Bedroom Projects!!

I love the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish something you're proud of. I got that this weekend!! There are two projects that I finished for our master bedroom that I am super excited about them!! We have lived in our house 2.5 years and have never had anything over our bed. I guess it's not that big of a deal but our bedroom feels so unfinished because of it. There's no design at all in our bedroom and it irritates me. So I started developing ideas. I really wanted to do a vinyl phrase over our bed. There is a phrase from one of my favorite songs by BarlowGirl's "Beautiful Ending" that I wanted to have written in vinyl but it was long and was going to be expensive. "At the end of it all, I want to be in your arms". LOVE that song and those lyrics!!

In the mean time, I was invited to an UpperCase Living party. They had the Bible verse we used for our wedding, "I have found the one whom my soul loves" Song of Solomon 3:4. So I went with that. The main problem with that they aren't transferable so if you take them down, they are gone forever-and your money is wasted. So I decided to put them on the glass of a picture frame. Ok, so what do I put behind the glass to give it some spunk. One thing I am unsatisfied with about our house is that it lacks color. It's tan in most areas except bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining room. I know that sounds like a lot but we have a wide open living room/kitchen and all hallways, office, and stairwell are all tan. It's A LOT of tan. To remedy this, I've been trying to add as much color as I can whether it be painting or with decor & accents.

Our room is a grayish teal. At least that's the best way I can describe it. I thought yellow would be the perfect accent color. My two favorite colors right now are turquoise and yellow so why not use yellow! I spray painted the frame with the vinyl letters yellow. I found some tealish fabric to go behind the glass and got to work.

Here's the frame.


I flipped the matte over and used masking tape to hold the fabric in place. (don't you love that awesome fabric?!?!?!)

This is what it looked like after I "secured" the fabric and flipped it back over. LOVE!

The final product. I love how bright the yellow is. It's a great punch of color!!! Such a happy color. Definitely not boring!!

This is how it looks over our bed. Now I just need to do something with that headboard!!! :) It also needs something to go with it, maybe on either side. We'll see.

I'm going to save the second project for another time. I have way too much I should be doing right now!!