Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Soon

Christmas is just a few days away. This has been a primarily homemade Christmas. My sister asked for jewelry and I found a new appreciation for my sewing machine and so I made a lot of gifts with it. I hope everyone likes everything and after the last one has been opened I'm going to give you a show of everything. I am super proud of how it all turned out and was even tempted to keep (or make) some of them for myself! Thanks to Pinterest, I found many of the ideas and/or inspiration for what I did and what I intend to do after Christmas. So excited!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Desk that Rocks my World!!

I've seen a lot of inspiring furniture renovations in blogland and have taken a real interest in it myself. I wish I had more time and actual work space to dedicate to it, but no dice. When I came across THIS desk on one of my favorite sites, www.betterafter.blogspot.com, I knew I had to have a super fab desk of my own. I was super excited for Yard Sale season to start so I could score me a super cheap desk I could make over. Thanks to a sweet old man, I found one for $15 that even came with a chair. Granted, the chair didn't match but at $15 I didn't care one bit!! It found a new home in my garage until I found inspiration and could decide what to do with it. A few trips to Hobby Lobby later, I saw this fabric and the idea was clear.

The background is black with white & charcoal gray damask type pattern with a magenta pink damask for a pop of color. I saw it and immediately knew what I wanted to do: a black high gloss desk, white handles, white chair and this fabric as the seat of the chair. I was so excited to get started.

Here's the desk originally. It was a beautiful cherry color and had the top not been scratched up, I may have went a different route, but it was so, yay!

Look at those lines!!

And here's the chair that totally doesn't match!

I worked on the chair first. I took off the seat, sanded it down, primed and spray painted the chair. It's not 100% perfect but it's still adorable!!

Primed & Painted

Ta-Da!!! Love!

I had some help using the heavy duty staple gun because it was a major pain. After completing the entire project, this girl had a Christmas list going...
Arrow Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun
Homax Aerosol Spray Gun
Electric Sander
But I digress....

After removing all the handles and taking the drawers out, I got to sanding. I decided to put a spin on it. Even though the desk would be black, I wanted the drawers to be a different color when you pulled them out. A little more visual interest. Here we are in painting progress (and by we I mean the different parts of the desk. There was no way anyone was taking a pic of me in that funny looking mask!)

I used painters tape and news paper to cover the front of the drawers that I didn't want gray. I used my left over gray primer and white primer to prime the desk. I must be honest at this point though, once I saw the white primer on the desk, I was starting to wonder if choosing black was a mistake. It looked so pretty and feminine with the white, but I already had the black, and the idea in my head, so I kept going. I got out my Glidden high gloss black and went to town. It took 3 coats to get it just right but I loved it!! Then I coated it with this bad boy:

Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Protective Finish in Semi Gloss. I wanted something that was an easy clean up without the smell so this was the perfect option. It goes on cloudy and dries clear. I finished up by spray painting the handles white. For my final touch of fabulous, I used spray adhesive and lined the inside of the drawers with fabric. I really couldn't love it more. After seeing how wonderful it turned out, I'd love to do another one but in a completely different way!! Here she is in all her glory...

Wanna see her in action? She's settled into her home and is doing a fantastic job :)

So chic and so stylish!! I love it!!! Yes, I also made the garbage can to match!! Don't you just want one too??

Monday, September 19, 2011

China Cabinet of Awesomeness

I told you about the steal I found on craigslist...a $60 China Cabinet. It was something out of the early 80's with someone's attempt at sprucing it up, with turquoise trim. Hideous? Yes. But my good fortune!! Here's a reminder.

Yup, ugly, but such potential. I knew I wanted to do something different with her (yes, she's a she!) since I was revamping my dining room. I wanted to get rid of the wire things in the side windows and also remove the hideous gold with black flecks background. I know nothing says modern and chic like gold with black flecks, but it had to go!

I took it apart and got to work. My dining room was going green and I wanted it to be sophisticated so I knew I needed to find awesome fabric to make curtains. I decided after seeing some cool furniture reno's that I wanted to have fabric as my background. My favorite color is turquoise so when I found this awesome fabric that allowed me to tie in the green using turquoise, I couldn't be more excited!! This was my inspiration:

The green matched the color I picked for the dining room, it was predominately turquoise plus had some awesome plum in it. I mean, who doesn't love a splash of purple??

I have an awesome dad who knows people and got me some primer and paint for my cabinet so all I had to out of pocket for the project was the $60 and $40 on fabric, but the $40 included the fabric I made the curtains from. Not too shabby!! I busted out my ipod, put Mumford & Sons on repeat and spent 3 days removing screws, painting, adding the fabric, then replacing the screws. Here's the in progress.
Here are the gold handles before silver spray paint
See that turquoise up close? This is pre-primer.

Now see how much better that looks??

Here's the top painted, before the fabric is put over the awesome gold backer

It's laying down so I can stand in it and put the fabric down with glue.

I was happy with how it turned out. I had intentions of antiquing it with black glaze but I loved the stark white against the fabric and also the green walls. It's not perfect by any means, but I'm super proud of it and extremely happy with how it turned out!! Here she is in all her Awesomeness!!!

You know you love it!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wristlet facelift

Here's what I had:

thirty one wristlet - Google Search

Here's what some awesome Hobby Lobby clearance fabric and some Modge Podge turned it in to!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Forgotten Project

Forgotten in the sense that I neglected to tell you about it, not that I forgot to do it. It's been up in our bedroom two months I guess. I love it. I saw an awesome idea for a jewelry hanger onTHIS great blog and thought I could make it my own. Since I make my own jewelry I have plenty of it just laying around and don't have but a tiny little jewelry box for storage. When I saw the idea, I knew I had to make one for myself! I didn't follow her steps exactly, but that's because I'm impatient and didn't want to wait until I collected all the same materials she did before I could do it.

It started with a trip to our local peddlers mall. Oh how I love that place. I could spend hours in there taking my time looking at everything. Usually, though, the boys are with me and therefore I'm on a tight schedule to find what I need and get the heck outta there before the first meltdown is activated. I wanted to make two originally so I bought two ornately framed mirrors but I only ended up making one based on where I decided to hang it. I primed my gold mirrors and then sprayed them my fun yellow that is my master accent color. It's such a fun splash of color in an otherwise muted room.

Next I got out my quilt batting and cardboard. I used the back of the mirror to trace and then cutout the cardboard so it would fit the frame.

I then laid my quilt batting over the cardboard and taped it with masking tape.

I got out my awesome turquoise and white damask fabric and put it over my cardboard and batting. Again, I used tape to put it in place until I got the frame back on, which was the next step.

After all that, I screwed in little hooks in different places then hung it up on the wall and decorated it with my jewelry.


Simple as that and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The hubs of course said it looks too girly, but that's ok. A little feminine touch is good and once I'm 100% finished with our master, there will be a few more things feminine to spruce it up!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Bedroom Project Completed!!!

I love the color of our bedroom. It's a teal but toned down with a lot of gray in it. I decided I wanted yellow as my accent color in there. You've seen the jewelry hanger and the picture over our bed. But we had one more wall, a long wall, that was empty and boring. I had been looking for something to do and when I came across THIS adorable idea over at A Diamond in the Stuff (one of my fav inspiration blogs!) I knew I wanted to do my own little spin on it. I went on a search for the "&" and wasn't able to find it. Another trip back to Hobby Lobby and I found them...50% off!! Yeah baby! So I got to work.

The gold letters before spray paint. I love how they are 3D and not just flat letters!

Here is my bare wall.
The painters tape marks where the bedroom door is when it's open.

I wasn't sure of their layout
so I tried a few out on the floor first.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5
I liked this best and went with it!

I love how it turned out. The picture kind of makes it look small but it spans the entire wall and looks great!!! I had to throw a pop of yellow in there too to tie in the yellow on my other two walls. For now, this completes our bedroom. Do I love our comforter? No. Will it due for now? Yes. Since my walls are grayish teal and my accent is yellow, I wanted a gray comforter. I want a neutral and with a dog and two toddlers, white isn't an option. I can't find one anywhere. I'm so bummed, but oh well. I'll find one eventually!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Transition...Need a little Organization

We have started the transition into toddler beds. It's going so much better than I expected at night and about what I expected at nap time. We'll get through it, I know. In the process, it's time to get rid of the baby monkey nursery and give the boys a room for toddlers. I didn't want to do a character room but I still want it to be fun and playful and intriguing to a toddler. My original thought was airplanes, but guess what. They are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. Trains was the next best thing. They boys love choo choo trains and love Thomas and so it seemed like a good choice. I did get them a Thomas blanket but that will be the only character item in their room. The dresser I got from the yard sale is in the garage waiting and longing to be painted. I have the paint, it's just finding the time. I've narrowed the room color down to 3 choices and I think it's going to require samples on the wall to determine what's the best choice in their room. I'm making tiny tiny progress but I'm starting to get ideas now and before I was roadblocked. What's the crafter's version of writer's block? That's what I had. It seems to be fading, thankfully!!!

I am craving organization! Is that something that you can really crave? I don't know, but I definitely need it right now. In a house with twin boys and people in and out helping, my house never feels de-cluttered. My basement is the worst. I need to get the basement organized first and I feel like other things will fall into place. Our basement looks like three daycares crashed into each other. It's truly sad. I need to go through and pack up baby and infant toys and then organize what's left. The beautiful bookcase my dad built for the nursery will soon be taking it's place in the basement to help with that. It actually makes me a bit excited to know that there is a light at the end of the cluttered tunnel :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yard Sales

This past Saturday was perfect weather to have a yard sale. Many people agreed because there were yard sales all over the place. A girlfriend of mine, who also has twins, met up with me and we went yard saling together. She was great in helping me decide which pieces I could or couldn't live without. I got a $10 dresser for the boys room and a $15 desk for my art room. A super successful day!!!

Since Ethan has been climbing out of his crib, we have ordered toddler beds. When they arrive, we are going to give them a big boy room. The monkeys are on their way out and I think we are going with a touch of aviation in their big boy room. We've looked at some colors and I'm compiling ideas so we'll see where it takes us :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

Our half bath on the main living floor is a very awkwardly shaped space. It's a mustard color, although you can't really tell from the pictures. There was never much thought put into that room. It had a rod iron cross hanging on the wall over the toilet and a candle thing on the wall next to the sink. BORING. There were so many beautiful colors in Hawaii it was hard not to be inspired there. I knew I wanted to decorate with that in mind but didn't want a tacky bathroom. There is a fine line sometimes. I wanted to go vintage so I edited some of the pictures we took in Picnik to make the colors more vibrant then put a 1960's haze over them to make them feel more vintage. I eventually plan to get a vintage poster but for now, I'm happy with how it looks!

The cross previously hung over the toilet

Blank boring walls

The candle thing, I guess you'd call it a sconce? (not sure why the color looks booger green)

More blank space (can you see how oddly shaped it is?)

An almost black and white picture of a lighthouse and palm trees

All 3 walls as best I could get

Love the turquoise towel!!

The pictures look straight on the wall, but not here. Odd!!

Over the toilet and the wall next to it

On top of the toilet. That's a real Hawaiian Hula Girl (at least purchased in HI, probably not made in HI)

A recycled picture from our old house. It's finally found a home!

So there you have it. Our half bath. It looks so much better in person. The colors are so vibrant that it makes you feel so happy!!