Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Transition...Need a little Organization

We have started the transition into toddler beds. It's going so much better than I expected at night and about what I expected at nap time. We'll get through it, I know. In the process, it's time to get rid of the baby monkey nursery and give the boys a room for toddlers. I didn't want to do a character room but I still want it to be fun and playful and intriguing to a toddler. My original thought was airplanes, but guess what. They are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. Trains was the next best thing. They boys love choo choo trains and love Thomas and so it seemed like a good choice. I did get them a Thomas blanket but that will be the only character item in their room. The dresser I got from the yard sale is in the garage waiting and longing to be painted. I have the paint, it's just finding the time. I've narrowed the room color down to 3 choices and I think it's going to require samples on the wall to determine what's the best choice in their room. I'm making tiny tiny progress but I'm starting to get ideas now and before I was roadblocked. What's the crafter's version of writer's block? That's what I had. It seems to be fading, thankfully!!!

I am craving organization! Is that something that you can really crave? I don't know, but I definitely need it right now. In a house with twin boys and people in and out helping, my house never feels de-cluttered. My basement is the worst. I need to get the basement organized first and I feel like other things will fall into place. Our basement looks like three daycares crashed into each other. It's truly sad. I need to go through and pack up baby and infant toys and then organize what's left. The beautiful bookcase my dad built for the nursery will soon be taking it's place in the basement to help with that. It actually makes me a bit excited to know that there is a light at the end of the cluttered tunnel :)

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