Monday, February 6, 2012

Addicted to Pinterest?

Why, yes I am. I have been for a long time. Before I got my smart phone, I'd have limited time during the day to pop on the computer and look. I'd use my husband's iPhone at night while laying in bed to catch up on the pins I'd missed during the day from those I was following. The idea of Pinterest was genius! Collect all of your ideas in one location making them easy to get to. See something you like or want to try out there in internet space and pin it. Bam, there it is on your board to see and get back to. On top of that, you can see what other people have pinned to gather even more ideas.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've been cooking so much more, doing things from scratch. I used my stand mixer for the first time yesterday and it was a wedding present 6 years ago. I appreciate all the wonderful recipes and DIY tips and tricks it has opened my eyes to. The down side (because there has to be a down side) is that I want to look at it all the time. It's sad really. And after getting my smart phone over the summer last year, I'm able to do just that. For this reason, my husband has a love hate relationship with Pinterest. He loves that I've been cooking better foods, but doesn't like that I access the site all the time.

Saturday, Andriod sent me a message that there was a Pinterest app. Oh My Word. I had been waiting for it and it had finally arrived. Previously, I had just been getting on the internet to view things but no longer, or so I thought. I do not have good opinion of the app. Everything is small, significantly smaller than just viewing from the internet. My biggest complaint, I tried to upload a pin and it said I couldn't upload a pin unless I rated the app 5 stars. Uh, big NO. Back to the internet I go. I don't appreciate apps that tell me I can't use them to the fullest unless I rate them the best, no matter what they actually deserve. So Pinterest, if you ever see this, I'm not going hold this against you because I still love the site, but it definitely rubbed me the wrong way!

It's time to start weening off the site. I have tons of pins, just look . It's time to start actually making the things I've pinned. I mean, what's the point of spending all the time pinning and looking through other's pins, if I don't do anything with it?? So, here to come, look for my "Pinterest in Action" post each week. I challenge you also to complete one pin each week and tell me about it. We might even do a link party! Check back next week to see :)

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